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Imagine if the world’s top 10 steroid bio-chemists were to meet at a “bio-chemical summit” in Zurich, Switzerland with the intent of creating a legal anabolic agent that greatly supersedes the total effects of real prescription anabolics?

“Is this even possible?” you must be asking. After all, they are powerful drugs! However, along with all the good anabolic effects of prescription drugs… there are plenty of negative effects like severe interruption of natural testosterone flow, which then leads to severe interruption of your sex life! And worse yet, the horrific “shrinking effect” upon your muscles when you finally have to go off a synthetic cycle!

So, the anabolic compound these bio-chemists would have to create would not have any negative side-effects which over time, would negate its benefits.

For example: Let’s say that you wanted to go on your first cycle of real Dianabol because it was the drug your favorite uncle Russ took to bench 435. OK, so after six weeks of taking 25 mg a day you’ve already gained 15 pounds of muscle and your bench has shot up 60 pounds… you’re on top of the world!

But listen friend, while all this good stuff is happening, a lot of bad things started happening four weeks earlier. Because after 14 days D-Bol starts to depress your hypothalamus, which is responsible for your natural testosterone production! Yes, in just two weeks! And because of this the longer you stay on D-Bol, the worse it gets.

So, as every bodybuilder knows, one day you have to go off your cycle… and when you do, your muscles start to shrink immediately… and your “boys” have already shrunk. Then you wait another month for your “Johnson” to “wake up” and when you weigh yourself you find out you gained exactly 4 pounds of pure muscle for all that BS!

C’mon man… there’s a lot better way! All you have to do is take an anabolic agent that has no drug side effects so you never have to go off! And bam… your climb to muscle stardom is never impeded by the yo-yo effects of illegal anabolics. In fact, this yo-yo effect is so bad for some bodybuilders (their weight can fluctuate over 75 pounds) that they “hide out” in foreign countries where no one knows them because they can’t show up at their “home gym” so small and weak!

Yeah, real anabolics can take you into “muscular outer space” for as long as your body can tolerate the doses necessary to do this, but after that… you’ll crash to the ground like the Hindenburg. So the total net effects of steroids for some guys is “F—ing” zero. It’s true.

Equi-Bolan… The Master Of All Masters

Now let’s get back to our summit meeting… how would these bio-chemists construct this anabolic?1) It must have a pure anabolic component that won’t shut down natural test production 2) It must have a testosterone augmenting mechanism 3) It must have an ATP regenerating mechanism and… 4) It must cause the creation of new genetic material

Wow… now that’s an anabolic for the ages! Yet Equi-Bolan™, the super anabolic from IMPACT Nutrition™ is designed for all four of these most desired characteristics.

Now let’s breakdown each component and you’ll more clearly understand why Equi-Bolan™ is so freakin’ anabolic.

The Anabolic Component, 5a-treebinol: This new anabolic agent acts by signaling what’s called the ribosome inside the muscle cell. And this is why all anabolics work… they “excite” the ribosome which triggers RNA/DNA synthesis and this is what causes the production of muscle at an accelerated rate. But since real anabolics trigger this process by using different forms of altered testosterone… the body starts to shut down its natural production. But 5a-treebinol is not modeled after real anabolics and pro-hormones… it is a natural steroidal alkaloid – a phytosteroid – that should not depress the hypothalamic/pituitary axis!

The Testosterone Component Equi-Bolan acts as a “test releaser” and works by causing the hypothalamus to release what are called androgen releasing factors which then signal the pituitary gland to release what’s called leutinizing hormone or LH. And this is the hormone that hooks up with specialized cells in your testes that make test. And Equi-Bolan causes the two faucets to flow. And because it’s your own test, not some crap from a bottle, it will work even better.

ATP Regenerating Component Did you now that a steroid called Anavar had the unusual capacity to regenerate tons of ATP (adenosine tri-phosphate) which is the chemical energy you need to lift weights. And man does it work. You can keep “cranking” out set after set with hardly any fatigue. And the more training volume… the more muscle. So any anabolic worth its salt must have a specific ATP regeneration component.

This component of Equi-Bolan™ has been shown in many studies to increase ATP production, oxygen intake and increases in red blood cell production. And all these “increases” will equate to such massive pumps… your arms will stay pumped up… even into the wee hours on Saturday night when you’re out showing them off! Seriously, the massive ATP, red blood cell and increased oxygen uptake caused by this component is completely mind boggling.

The Genetic Material Component Ok, so, Equi-Bolan doesn’t contain “genetic material” but it has a component that causes the formation of new genetic material that is used to build muscle. And this IS a monumental advance in muscle building technology! Here’s how it works. Surely you’ve heard of NO (Nitric Oxide). It’s massively popular due to its ability to increase blood flow which then delivers an abundance of all the nutrients you take into the muscle cell. Now, Equi-Bolan™ doesn’t have NO in it, no supplement does (regardless of what they say). But Equi-Bolan does have a strong NO building nutrient. And this of course… creates a more anabolic environment within the muscle cell.

Oh, and NO also increases sarcomere production. Sarcomeres are tiny, embryonic cells that are attached to the ends of muscle fibers… and eventually mature into full fledged muscle fibers. This is awesome because since you’ll have a lot of anabolism going on already… this “baby” genetic material will start to grow into grown-up muscle very quickly. And this is a feature no prescription anabolic steroid has!

So c’mon get to the phone now and jump on this opportunity to take an extremely powerful anabolic that will keep you smiling 365 days a year because you will never have to interrupt your muscle-building destiny by going off! So based on that… there’s no question Equi-Bolan™ has a much greater overall effect than any prescription anabolic ever made!

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